Quakertown, PA 

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The artists at Lucky Strike Tattoo wanted a page to showcase tattoos that they really "WISH" they could tattoo.  These are custom designs they are truly passionate about. So we are offering these tattoo designs at a discounted price. They are first come, first serve, done once and only once.


These designs will be tattooed at the size and price listed below. There are NO changes in design, color, size, etc. What you see is what you get. The possible placements of these tattoos are limited to the following body parts only: back, chest, upper arm, forearm, thigh, and calf. The artist offering the design is the ONLY artist who will do the tattoo. These are by appointment only. There are ZERO exceptions to any of these rules.


We reserve the right to refuse tattooing these designs on anyone not willing to follow the above rules, and/or any other rules we may have forgotten to mention. INTERESTED?  Stop by the shop at 115 E. Broad St. for further details and information on scheduling an appointment.

Handsome Jack - By Johnny X


Neo Flower - By Johnny X

Don't see a design you like? Check back to see what new designs have been added to the list!

Neo flower sold

Owl - By Little Miss Emily


Matt Lighthouse 10.5x7  lg calf thigh lg forarm up

Lighthouse - By Matt Nasty

owl emily 12x4 $400 copy $100 4inch Matt

Palm-ish Sized Tattoos - By Matt Nasty

Emily Gluttony $350

Gluttony - By Miss Emily

10 X 7 Bride of Frankenstien Thigh or back only Emily

Bride of Frankenstien - By Miss Emily


Vampire emily

Vampire - By Miss Emily



10.5 Inches long = $500

(Normally priced around $850-$900)

4 Inches = $100

(Normally priced around $150)

6.75 Inches long = $350

(Normally priced around $450-$500)

10 Inches long = $600

(Normally priced around $850-$900)

9 Inches tall = $550

(Normally priced around $900-$1100)

Circular Design, Rose and Sun -

By Miss Emily

Hamsa and Circular Design -

By Miss Emily

hand palm size Rose palm 2  copy copy Hour Glass and beer

Hour Glass and Beer - Miss Emily

Hour Glass - 5 inches diagonal = $125

Beer with Rose - 4.5 inches = $200

(Hour Glass normally priced at $165 / Beer with Rose normally priced at $250)

Snake and Ship Wheel - Miss Emily

Snake and Wheelsold newskull copy

Skull Bulb and Mandala Bonzai- By Johnny X

Skull Bulb 4'' Tall = $175

Mandala bonzai 6x5'' = $275


(Skull Bulb normally priced around $250/Mandala Bonzai normally priced around $375)

Hot Air Balloon- By Miss Emily

5.25 Inches Tall = $300

(Normally priced around $450)

Geometric Darth Wader- By Johnny X


Geo Skull- By Johnny X


8.5''x6.5'' = $600

Mandalas- By Johnny X




Grim Reaper and Rose- By James


Grim Reaper- 4x4''= $90

Rose- 4.5''x4.5'' =$90




(Normally priced around $850)

(Grim Reaper normally priced $180/Rose normally priced $180)

Neo flower sold

Stacked Mandala- By Miss Emily

mandalascopysold darthvadersold NewJohnnygoodcopy mandalas3finalcopy Emily Balloon copysold handsomejacksoldout newjamessold jamesskull

Bear Skull- By James

7'' x 7'' = $400

(Normally priced around $600 )