Quakertown, PA 

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Meet the Lucky Strike Tattoo Team!

Our mission at Lucky Strike Tattoo, is to provide our clients with tattoos and piercings that are unique and customized towards their own personal style and self-expression. We offer a safe, welcoming, and comfortable environment to have these desires met, by genuine, non-judgmental, talented artists. Our passion for art creates extraordinary custom tattoos that flow with and compliment the body beautifully.


The staff is certified in Bloodborne Pathogen Prevention and practices proper Cross-Contamination Procedures. The shop and our equipment is properly cleaned and maintained using hospital-grade cleaning products and hospital-standard sterilization practices.


We have multiple Award Winning artists with over 10+ years’ expertise in the industry! We handle all styles (including photo-realism portraits) and have extensive experience with re-works and cover-ups.


Ready for some new ink? Stop in and watch the artists at Lucky Strike  surpass your wildest imaginations!  



Matt Nasty - Senior Tattoo Artist

Award winning tattoo artist Matt has been adorning people from all over the world with his tattoo artistry since the year 2000. His unique style and unconventional perspective create awe-inspiring tattoos that have won him numerous awards, as well as the respect of the tattoo community!


Matt’s ability to think far outside the box and blend his extraordinary ideas with his unparalleled artistic talent “blow his client’s mind grapes!” His tight and delicate line work, smooth coloring and shading, and modernistic approaches with his tattoo artistry provide each and every client with an exceptionally one-of-a-kind custom tattoo that will withstand the test of time. Every time.


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Lucky Strike Tattoo of Quakertown, PA features Award Winning Tattoo     Artists and Piercers.

Richie Rotten - Tattoo Artist

Award winning tattoo artist Richie joined Lucky Strike Tattoo in early 2013. His passion for individualism and self-expression inspired him to be both a Piercer and a Tattoo Artist. (That and his larger than life ears that may not function well, but are a piercer’s DREAM!)


Richie specializes in cover-up and re-works; however his personal style varies from subtle grey work to line-less color realism. The dedication and detail he puts into his designs combined with his natural creative ability provides his clients with superior custom tattoos that exceed their wildest imaginations!



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Voted  the  best  Tattoo shop in  Bucks County  2015-2017!

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Johnny X - Tattoo Artist

John is an award winning artist who began his career as a Professional Tattoo Artist in New Jersey before joining Lucky Strike Tattoo in 2003. His ability to whistle, hum, drum, or dance to any song is pretty epic!


John has always been interested in a variety of styles, focusing his creativity and talent into an explosion of tattoo artistry that fits his client’s style. His designs range from bold and energetic to soft and delicate.


The versatility in John's design style and his capability to create tattoos that surpass his client’s expectations keep him in high demand! Well, that and the dancing.


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Michelle - Manager

Michelle is the only person that matters at Lucky Strike Tattoo…or so she would like to believe. Her hard work and dedication is seen daily, from how smoothly the shop runs to how clean the shop is kept!


Socializing with customers and hearing their personal stories are the parts of the job she likes the best! That's not to mention how much clients are entertained by Michelle's own stories and misadventures. Michelle’s enthusiasm for the tattoo and piercing industry and her commitment to provide every client with the perfect experience make her an essential part of the management team!


In addition, she has recently become a licensed training provider for the Red Cross. Now she is able to offer you certification in Adult and Pediatric First AID, AED, CPR & Bloodborne Pathogens training. Her classes are affordable and flexible! Check out her website for more details!


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Emily - Manager

Emily is one of the managers of Lucky Strike Tattoo. Her sparkling smile, dedication to hard work, and desire to help others make her an intricate part of our management team!


Whether Emily is assisting the artists, working with Michelle (attempting to focus her and keep her from wandering off to spend hours chatting with the clients), or busy with one of her marathon task days, she manages her responsibilities with ruthless determination - and sometimes a big cattle prod!


The various responsibilities Emily juggles amidst chaos while maintaining her warmhearted demeanor makes her the most important part of the Lucky Strike Tattoo Team!


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James - Senior Piercer

James has been a Professional Piercer for over a decade.  He is meticulous in his piercing procedures and aftercare instruction. His work is professional, progressive, and perfectly placed! He is honest with his piercing opinions, his focus to meet the needs of each client and providing them with a piercing that works with their body.


James is truely dedicated to his craft and strives to stay informed with new and evolving piercing techniques. He creates stunning and unique piercings that you will not find elsewhere. You’ll leave with a twinkle in your eye and the perfect piercing to match!


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Miss Emily - Tattoo Artist

Miss Emily, like any true artist, discovered her passion for art at a very young age.  She has dedicated her heart and soul to mastering the art of tattooing. Her artistic abilities are innovative and imaginative; establishing a personal style that includes both structure and whimsy!


Soft grey work with stippiling designs are some of Emily's favorite styles to tattoo!  Her steady hand, smooth coloring and attention to fine detail create tattoos that her clients absolutely adore! Her ability to blend bold and fine linework with bright colors or soft black and greys give her tattoos a flow and composition that look beautifully on anybody and everybody. That's what keeps her clients coming back for more, well that and her light up your life personality and smile.


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Red Cross: Get Certified

" I have been to other tattoo shops and can honestly say now that I have been to Lucky Strike Tattoo, I will never go to another tattoo shop again!  I feel like "home" with the shop, the atmosphere is great and I can't think of any other tattoo shop I would rather be at.

The employees are very knowledgeable about all aspects of the industry and would love to answer any questions or help you with a design for your next (of first) tattoo! " - A.

"Matt did my first tattoo about a year and a half ago.  This past weekend he did #5 for me (he also did #2 thru #4).

Everyone at Matt's shop is friendly, easy to talk to, the kind of people you would want to hangout with.  The place is spotless, Matt is neat and meticulous with his setup,  his designs and how he talks to his customers.

I've referred 2 friends and they loved their experience.   If you are a veteran or a newbie, stop by, bring doughnuts or some Mexican food from down the street...you won't be disappointed!!! "-J.

"The best tattoo shop in the area. Amazing talent. Got my first tattoo here 6 years ago and I'm so glad I did. The detail and care they put into their profession is simply superb." - A.

"This place and the people are awesome! Thanks to JohnnyX for his awesome work. This was my first tattoo and when I had some concerns, he made sure I was all good!" - S.

"Never have I had piercings heal so clean and fast as the ones I've gotten there.  Clean and professional place.  Will go there as long as I'm living in the area. Would recommend to anyone looking to get a tattoo or piercing." -H.

"Richie Brooks is a awesome tattoo artist, I went there for a name cover up I told him to design something that would work with my other tattoo he totally did that, he is great at what he does and is so professional at it to, I will definitely be back for more ink and will recommend the shop to anyone wanting some new ink." - R

"Nice clean place. James did my piercing and I love it! Such a nice guy, professional, and very knowledgeable. I will definitely be back to see him!" - M.

"Amazing artists and techniques coupled with a great vibe and atmosphere make Lucky Strike Tattoo one of my favorite places! Highly recommended for everyone from the first timer to seasoned experts." - K.

"Lucky Strike Tattoo is by far my favorite tattoo/piercing parlor. I have received piercings and beautiful works of art from several of the artists. Emily being one of my favorite! She has done several of my tattoos, and is in the process of finishing another one for me. I would refer her to anyone who is looking for a personal tattoo artist who wants talented, individualistic tattoos. Her artwork is magnificent and truely unique!" - J.

James black and white the black box the black box the black box the black box James 3 James 4 James 2 James 1

"Went in today for piercings and James is awesome!!! He's meticulous with his work and extremely knowledgeable! I could not recommend his work enough!" - E.

"Lucky Strike is the best tattoo place around! They are so friendly and awesome!! Their work is great...Love ya guys...I recommend Lucky Strike Tattoo for anyone who wants quality and their prices are so reasonable.... 5 stars to u all!!!!" - K.

"My wife and I have been getting ink done by Lucky Strike for over a decade. What's even more special about this shop is we have had the same artists (Matt and Johnny) doing the work on us for the same amount of time. No, not a typo. Same artists over a 10 year span. We consider the shop home and the artists family. We always feel welcome and they are always happy to see us. Months or years later, we pick up where we left off. The work they do is award winning gold and truly worth your time and money when searching for ink work. You won't be disappointed. We have a decade of truth behind that! Thanks guys!" - S.

"Love them. Emily does amazing work!!! Tried out the numbing solution on my foot and it works awesome." - L.

"I have never had such a great experience at a tattoo parlor. John did amazing tattoos on my husband and myself. I will never be getting another one for anyone else. He sat and tattooing us for hours. The management is amazing always Smiling and knowledgable!! Richie is the by far the best piercer I've ever encountered. Thank you Lucky Strike. You are all AMAZING!!!" - E.

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Paul- Tattoo Artist


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Instagram: @pk_tattoos


As the father of a newborn baby boy he is no stranger to late nights and thinking on the fly. Paul began his career in Denver. He has over ten years of experience tattooing. In that time, he has mastered many styles ranging from portrait realism to old school traditional but developed a particular passion for bold Neo-traditional designs. Paul’s tattoos are bright, bold, soft, smooth and awesome! He shows his dedication to his clients and his craft by continually striving to learn new ways of creating tattoo masterpieces. The fusion of his client’s ideas with his own unique natural talent creates extraordinary tattoo designs that exceeds all expectations.


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I followed my artist Paul k to this studio and it does not disappoint!!! Totally modern and covers everything you may need for a tattoo or piercing. Great ambience, music playin, newest of inks, chairs, equipment, swag, after care... owners open for me for a sunday appointment to accomodate my schedule... not many shops do that. Cant wait for my next appointment! -E.

Love everything about this shop, all are Fabulous Artists, No Attitudes, Super Friendly and Great Pricing for the High Quality Work. Can't wait for my next one. - J.

I was very happy with Paul K's work. Nice guy, low key, very good with lettering and shading. The studio is edgy (in a good way), clean, well laid out. Very accommodating and friendly staff. I strongly recommend their numbing cream for more painful areas (I had my collarbone and sternum areas done), well worth the extra $$$. I was skeptical about the Tatu-Derm, but it seems to help with the healing. I'd definitely recommend Lucky Strike to anyone wanting ink. - H.

Just want to say this place is loaded with super talented artists and a superior piercer. Very professional without taking away the great feeling of comrodery. Would strongly recommend if you have a hankering for a good tattoo or piercing! - C.

Amazing artwork done by artists that really care. I have only gone to the shop a few times but the prices are more than fair and the atmosphere is always positive. Great people and great work I highly recommend the shop to anyone especially people getting a tattoo for the first time. - D.

Jessica Star - Tattoo Artist

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Walt- Supervisor

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Walt is the newest addition to the Lucky Strike supervisory team. Much like Jake he's been around the shop for years, helping out wherever and whenever he can. However it is his passion for classic and newer horror movies that got him the job! Just pop in on any Friday night and ask to see his leg sleeve! His ability to learn quickly and his desire to make clients happy has made him a great addition to the Lucky Strike Tattoo team.

Jessica has spent the last 5 years tattooing at several different shops in the area before finding us. Born in Texas, she moved to Pennsylvania at the age of 9. Although her passion for art began at an even younger age! Jessica would spend her time experimenting with any medium available; pen, pencil, paint and more.  At the age of 16 she got her first tattoo and immediately knew she wanted to become a tattoo artist. She works with a variety of styles including Neo Traditional, Traditional, Lettering, Realism, Watercolor, Pointilism and Black and Grey. Jessica's desire to continuously learn from her surroundings and her life experiences creates a unique perspective she brings to every tattoo design. This is just one of the reasons why we are excited to work with her and welcome her to the team!


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"James did my daith piercing and he was amazingly knowledgeable with placement for migraines. I got the piercing and have had nothing but relief. So greatful that he was able to answer all my questions and knew what he was doing! I referred him to a bunch of my friends to get the piercing!" - P.

"Best experiences ever getting tattoos!!  Shop is clean and artists are not only friendly and helpful but are also wickedly talented!!

I won't go anywhere else.

Richie is freakin awesome!!!" - C.

"Making an appointment was insanely easy and everybody there was very friendly. The place was clean and the artist's portfolios are impressive. I had a lot of questions about tattoos and piercings while I was there and they answered my every question, no matter how silly!" - J.

"I just had my first tattoo done at my "young" age by Emily and she was so great to work with--she did an excellent job on my design that I had done In memory of our Pup we recently lost unexpectedly. It looks great and everyone there is so welcoming and nice. I was nervous and excited as I didn't know what to except--but Emily was so caring and compassionate to me." - C.

20171230_224105 Suebg

Susan Heichel- Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist

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Laser tattoo removal is great for people looking  not only to get rid a tattoo they no longer want but also to lighten a tattoo, providing more design options for a cover up.  Sue has been active in the tattoo community for many years, however, has been locally offering her laser services for just over a year. Her warm and welcoming demeanor helps to ease any fears her clients have about laser removal. Interested in learning more? Contact the shop for all information regarding laser removal and Sue's availability!


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Brayden- Apprentice

Brayden (not Brandon or Braydan)  joined Lucky Strike in 2017. He's hard at work apprenticing to become a professional tattoo artist. While he is passionate about a vast array of art mediums he is personally drawn to working with colored pencils and inks. Brayden has spent countless hours creating his own unique style of art, a style that has yet to be seen in this area.  His devotion to his art and his willingness to work in a variety of styles enables him to surpass his client's expectations. Keep an eye on this guy, he already has a list of client's wanting to be tattooed him and is soon to be in high demand!


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